June 4, 2017

Mr and Mrs Goldfish

Hello everyone!

Since my blog is only a few months old, it’s only natural that along with my new art pieces, I also upload some projects I finished a while back.

Mr and Mrs Goldfish is one of my favorites! 

The page measures 11.5”x9”.

It started as an accident of spilled paint on a journal page that had already random notes and thoughts written on it.

As I was applying gesso to cover the paint and script, the idea came to me to spray some Shimmer Yellow and Yellow-Green Media Misters on the wet gesso. 

I also made some marks with the back of my brush, to create some texture.

I used a heat gun to dry up the page and then, I sketched the fish with a soft pencil. I applied a coat of Media Fluid Translucent White to make the figures pop out from the background.

Then I coloured them with Media Fluids Primary Magenta, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Translucent White and Traditions Raw Umber.

Hope you like it!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Until next time

Be brave, Be who You want to Be!

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