March 25, 2017

Prima Tiny Concertina Album

Hello everyone!

At the 4th Scraps n Pieces Annual Crop, all the participants agreed to have a gift exchange.

The idea was that each one of us would make a gift box, containing one of our creations as well as various things from our stash that we bought and never used and of course a handmade greeting card.

So for this project, I created a tiny concertina photo album, with Prima "Time Traveler's Memories" paper collection.

March 23, 2017

Mini Photo Album @ 4th Scraps n Pieces Crop

Scraps N Pieces is a wonderful art studio - in Greece - and online store, owned by my amazing art teacher Myrto Panagiotopoulou.

A few days ago, on March 19th, together with her team, they organized the best Scrapbooking Crop ever held in Greece! The event was sponsored by popular brands and designers and apart from the project, there were so many gifts!

We all had a common project, to create a mini photo album with a ring binder. Kits were available, for all the participants, and they included papers, die cuts, stickers and embellishments, all designed by Zinia Amoiridou. Each kit was completely different from the others, so that every album would be unique! 

Mini Journal Album

Hello everyone! 

Today, I would like to share with you a Mini Journal Album, I created out of a Bluetooth slider box. 
The album measures 55/8” x 33/4”  and the spine is 11/2  wide. 
The pages, inside measure 51/4” x 31/2”.

As you go through the pages , you will notice that the quotes are encouraging and motivating. This album is a message from you to yourself. A journal where you can leave notes to yourself and remind you how unique and precious you are!

March 17, 2017

"Message in a Bottle" Birthday Card

My daughters wanted to make a birthday card for their uncle. He loves the sea and he’s a great fisherman.
I suggested that we made something different than a classic card.
So, why not give him a “Message in a Bottle”?

March 13, 2017

Humming Bird

Hello everyone!

I had an art journal spread (18" x 9.5") painted with a vibrant purple color, leftover from another project. It reminded me of exotic birds and that was my inspiration for the Humming Bird. I adore these little creatures, because they are so delicate and beautifulThey are absolutely stunning!

March 4, 2017

Santa's Red Phone

I had this “After Eight” chocolate tin box for ages. Such a beautiful piece, but could never decide what to do with it.

One day the idea hit me. It was almost Christmas and I started thinking that Santa must have some kind of telephone appliance at home. I could never imagine him talking on a cell phone or a wireless one. Some things have to be classic and vintage, otherwise they lose their charm.

So there it is!

March 1, 2017

My handmade Social Media Icons

Hello everyone!

This is the very first post on my blog, and I’m so excited about this new beginning in my life!

As I was trying to make a blog that would actually represent me, I got stuck searching for some social media icons to match my style. Guess I'm a bit picky. Also had a hard time with that “back-to-top” button.

So, I had no choice, but to create my own!

I took a handmade watercolor booklet – gift from my amazing art teacher – and started drawing my icons with a pencil. No measurements, no proportions kept, just free sketching. 
When I was satisfied with my sketches, I took my Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Sketchers Pocket Box 12 Half Pans, and colored the icons with a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber, with some touches of Yellow Ochre. 
Then I took pictures of the icons, cropped them to a round shape, resized them and voila! They may not be perfect, but they are mine and I’m so happy about that.

If you like them too, feel free to use them and please send me your web address, so I can have a look.