About me

Hello everyone!

My name is Natassa (Anastasia) Blazaki. I am from Greece and I live in Athens, with my wonderful family.

I am a proud mother of three amazing girls and a female maltese! My husband is a real hero and my greatest supporter, not to mention my one and only sponsor haha!

I’ve always had painting and crafting as a hobby, but my artsy life really changed, when I joined an Art Journaling class back in 2014. 

I have an amazing teacher and mentor and thanks to her I discovered that my heart is in mixed media techniques and altered items.

People say I’m a very good cook and that is how I feel, when I’m working on a project. I think of my paints and mediums as spices and herbs and I use a bit of this and a bit of that to create a new recipe every time!

Recently, I discovered that recreating natural textures is my one and true obsession! 

I also like painting furniture and, generally, I can “attack” anything with my paints and brushes.

From time to time, I'm making also mini albums, but since I’m more of a free spirit, I never measure anything! What I love about them, is the process of making rather than the final product.

I decided to create this blog, because I found out that it gives me great joy to share my art – and why not – give inspiration to other people to create too!

I would love to read your comments about my work and share art ideas and recipes!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


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