December 18, 2017

Patchwork Ornaments for Scraps N Pieces - Video Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Wish you all a nice week!

Christmas is coming! Everything is almost ready for the Holly Days, and I hope you will all spend these days with your loved ones, with joy and happiness!!!

By now, we’ve done most of our preparations. Wrapped our gifts and wrote our cards. Made our ornaments, decorated the Christmas tree and… we are left with a bunch of scraps from our projects. Pieces of paper and embellishments that we’re going to hide away, in a bag or a box, until we completely forget about them.

Or maybe not! This year, let’s make it different!

Today, I'm on Scraps N Pieces-The Blog, with a video tutorial.
See how you can make Patchwork Ornaments, by using all your leftovers!

A very easy project you can share with your kids! They will love it!

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